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"Ascenda has been a reliable go-to source for market research and analyses and special projects that required a smart and creative person to sort through and complete on a budget."

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Ascenda Medical Marketing provides medical marketing and project management services to established and emerging medical technology companies.  

Overview of Services


  • Marketing communications project management

  • ​New business development activities such as sales cycle analysis and modeling

  • Clinical marketing initiatives such as publication support and technical writing

  • Market research, analysis and presentation

  • Product management activities including internal coordination with regulatory, quality and other groups

Recent Projects


  • Developed and implemented new communication strategy for interventional cardiology company, including new product brochure and related materials

  • Developed and conducted Director of Nursing 60-minute interviews for new product concept, including delivery of executive summary and detailed presentation.

  • Project management and promotional support of the Reel Emergency vodcast covering clinical discussion of actual case videos

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