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Overview of Services

Below is a sampling of the services offered by Ascenda Medical Marketing.  The activities listed are not all-inclusive, as Ascenda has worked on a large variety of projects for medical companies.  Please Contact Us to discuss your project today.  

Project and Product Management

Our core focus is in ensuring your projects are planned, managed and completed successfully.  Ascenda will provide an estimate that includes detail in each project phase to provide complete visibility to the work involved and allow agreement on timelines and deliverables.  


Ascenda's strong background in product management brings a wealth of experience to all phases of a product life cycle.  We can assist you with any of the following product management activities, and more:

  • Product documentation development and translation management

  • Coordination with quality, regulatory, engineering, manufacturing,   sales and other key internal stakeholders

  • Product launch planning and management

Business Development and Sales Support

Ascenda recognizes the importance of due diligence in reviewing potential partners, licensing, or alternate market opportunities. We understand that the frontline of your business is your sales organization. While many activities in sales appear to be tactical in nature, executed programs are developed with a strategic outlook for long-term goal alignment.  Services Ascenda can provide include:

  • Sales forecasting and modeling

  • Competitive and SWOT analyses

  • Sales cycle and territory analyses

  • Best practice reviews and implementation

  • Internal and external training programs and sales meeting support

Marketing Communications Programs 

Ascenda Medical Marketing can plan and manage your marketing communications and branding programs to establish and maintain your company's image to your customers and your investment community.  Services include:

  • Company and product naming

  • Corporate identity development and guide creation

  • Branding and positioning strategy

  • Exhibit program management

  • Marcom project management (website, brochures, electronic media)

  • Press release and blog writing

Clinical Marketing and Training 

Clinical Marketing is a critical aspect of ensuring the success of your product commercialization plan. We understand your clinical communications can represent the most important aspects of your relationships with your customer base.  


Ascenda can manage these and other aspects of your clinical programs: 

  • Publication strategy development and program management

  • Clinical training planning and executables

  • Scientific Advisory Board support and management

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